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Easy Social Media Ideas for Your Physio Clinic

When running a physio clinic, the last thing you probably feel like doing is coming up with another social media post. Don’t worry because I’ve found five, brilliant post types that you can use right now to engage with your audience.

The 5 types of posts that I’m about to share with you have shown themselves to be very good at generating likes, comments and shares on top-performing social media accounts. They are also AHPRA compliant.

1. Share events that interest your patients

If there are upcoming sporting or community events that your patients might be interested in – share them to your page. 

While in-person events are limited at the moment due to COVID-19, there are plenty of interesting virtual events on offer. One example is 42k Your Way. It’s a virtual marathon challenge where people choose to do it their own way – for example, walk 1.35km each day for 31 days or cycle 21km over two days.

Remember to share events that also complement your unique physio services – for example, if a noteworthy ballet company is performing in your area soon, share the event. It shows that you are actively interested in dance which helps builds trust with potential dance physio clients.

2. Give shouts outs to patients participating in events

Celebrate patients who’ve signed up for challenging sporting and physical activity events (with their written permission, of course!). It helps to build a sense of community around your clinic and the featured patients are more likely to share posts with their friends and family. This is an easy way to increase your exposure to more potential patients.

3. Staff shout-outs are perfect for physio social media

Share posts about staff members participating in sporting or community events (again, with their written permission, of course!). It shows that your team walks the talk and are an active part of your community.

4. Highlight your unique services

If you are the only physio in your area that offers a certain service – feature it often on your social media. For example, if your clinic is the only one that offers hydrotherapy; share more posts about it, like what a typical session involves, potential benefits, and available appointment times.

5. Show the ins and outs of running assessments

Posts showing how running assessments work appeared to consistently get engagement on social media. Maybe it’s because nearly a quarter of Aussies go running or jogging.

In physio social media, be a pillar of the community

If you only take away one thing from this article, it’s this: Focus your social media on your community. Whether it be through celebrating local events in your area or creating a sense of community for those who visit your clinic, community is where it’s at.

Need more help with your social media? Get in touch and let’s chat about how to make the most of your clinic’s social media.