Proofreading and copy editing services shown as a typewriter with the words "rewrite...edit"

Proofreading and copy editing services

For a professional shine and polish

I’m about to tell you a story. If it feels really familiar, my proofreading and copy editing services are for you:

You’ve finally finished writing – Phew! *big sigh of relief*.

Right, now the editing starts.

You fix a few misspellings, a few awkward sentences here and there and press ‘publish’. Except you’re so immersed in the project that even after re-reading your draft 6 times, you’ve still managed to miss that glaring typo on page 2 (oh wait, there it is again on pages 18, 23 and 54…).

Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid this situation? Get in touch with me today and let’s chat about your project.

Not sure if you need proofreading or copy editing?

While both services review spelling, grammar and punctuation; here’s how to tell which one is right for you:


You’re pretty happy with your final, formatted draft but want a last review done to find any minor errors you may have missed.


You’ve finished your first draft but want a hand in polishing it to remove any inconsistencies, clear up anything that might confuse readers and to make sure that the whole things flows.

Hire an extra pair of eyes to review your work

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