Green question shape surrounded by yellow writing paper with three scrunched up paper paper balls in the middle to represent what a copywriter does.

What is a Copywriter? And Why You Should Even Care

Here’s a quick quiz. What is a copywriter? Select true or false for the following statement:

Copywriters work with trademarks and secure your ideas from being stolen.

T or F?

If you selected ‘True’, congratulations on joining the majority of people in the world who’ve gotten the answer wrong.

And why would you know what a copywriter is unless you’ve binge-watched Mad Men a few too many times or worked in that magical place called ‘Adland’.

A copywriter uses words to sell and persuade

Now, we’re getting closer to the mark (and away from trademarks). The modern copywriter was born in the 1950s. I use the word “born” metaphorically. Otherwise, it would be more reasonable to say that the modern copywriter was born sometime around 1930 and then entered the profession in 1950. Anyway, I digress…

The modern copywriter convinced us all to buy the bright, shiny household appliances that would give us back more free time to relax (haha!). The copywriters wrote the words that went with the pretty pictures in the ads.

If you build trust, they will come

These days we’ve all become wise to old-fashioned, in-your-face copywriting techniques. We’ll no longer fall for promises like “buy this. It will change your life”. The selling philosophy used to be ‘build it and they will come’. Now it is the job of copywriters to ‘build trust and they will come’.

As modern marketing guru Seth Godin says, it’s all about earning trust and that “being trusted is the single most urgent way to build a business.”

How can a copywriter help build trust?

Well, let’s stick with Mr Godin. Once again, he has the answers. Copywriters can help build trust for their clients by “creating honest stories—stories that resonate and spread.”

In the past, brands mostly used paid advertising to tell their stories. Now you can also use your website, blogs, emails, social media posts, videos, brochures, newsletters, articles, and press releases.

Good writing takes time

Writing authentically and in a way that will resonate with your audience takes time. The day-to-day demands of running a business or a marketing team can be overwhelming enough without adding the stress of writing as well.

Those three hours you were going to set aside for a website re-write? Gone! You had to respond to an urgent client request instead. I know, I’ve been there.

So, the website copy just sits there, never to be updated. That next blog article never gets written. Your monthly newsletter starts going out every other month. Meanwhile, you miss out on building more valuable trust with existing and prospective clients.

Take it away

A freelance copywriter can get the time-consuming writing done for you, as and when you need it. You get the expertise you need, without having to hire a new employee or try to take on all that work yourself.

Get in touch with me today and let’s arrange a time to chat about the writing needs of your organisation.